History Utility

History Utility

Provides browser history management functionality using a simple add/get/replace paradigm. This can be used to ensure that the browser’s back and forward buttons work as the user expects and to provide bookmarkable URLs that return the user to the current application state, even in an Ajax application that doesn’t perform full-page refreshes.

The following modules are available:

  • history: Rollup of history-base, history-hash, history-hash-ie, and history-html5.
  • history-base: Generic history management API (but no storage layer).
  • history-hash: History management using window.location.hash.
  • history-hash-ie: Adds IE6/7 back/forward support using an iframe hack.
  • history-html5: History management using the HTML5 history API.

When using the history rollup module, or when the history-hash and history-html5 modules are both loaded, Y.History will be an alias to the best adapter supported by the current browser, which may be either Y.HistoryHash or Y.HistoryHTML5. Preference is given to Y.HistoryHTML5 if the browser supports the HTML5 history API.

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