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The gallery-widget-pointer module is a YUI Gallery Module that adds a little arrow-like pointer to the widget’s bounding box. To use it, you should pull it down and include it as a Y.Widget extension:

YUI().use('panel', 'gallery-widget-pointer', function (Y) {

    //Create your own overlay with some widget extensions including Y.WidgetPointer. You could do this with any widget.
    Y.MyCustomPanel =Y.Base.create("customPanel", Y.Panel, [Y.WidgetPointer]); 

    var myPanel = new Y.MyCustomPanel({
        placement: "right"

The placement attribute determines the direction of the pointer. The possible values are "above", "below", "left", and "right". The pointer faces in the opposite direction to the placement attribute. Essentially, you are asking to “place” the widget on the “right” of something, and therefore “point it to the left”.

Used by Tipsy and Popover

This extension is used by Y.Tipsy and Y.Popover. Check those projects out.


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