ZUI ScrollSnapper

ZUI ScrollSnapper


ZUI ScrollSnapper is a scrollView plugin to replace YUI3 ScrollViewPaginator plugin. It provides same interface and namespace, and better user interaction.


Just plug Y.zui.ScrollSnapper into a scrollView, with correct css selector for pages. After scrollEnd, the scrollView will snap to most near page.

Why ZUI ScrollSnapper better than YUI3 ScrollViewPaginator? Because ZUI ScrollSnapper supports:

  1. flick then snap interaction. (YUI3 ScrollViewPaginator do not allow flick)
  2. flick more than one page. (YUI3 ScrollViewPaginator only allow prev/next page)


  • The algorithm of ‘snapTo’ can be changed into ‘Bipartite approximation’ , for better performance. Now we just use linear search, when user scrollTo last items we run into worst case.

  • This plugin only handle gestures, do not handle scrollTo() method.

Known Issue

  • Some webkit browsers will cause page position calculation wrong, in this case you may add a style ‘position:relative’ on contentBox to fix it.

  • If you have a lots of pages in the scrollView, the ‘snapTo’ calculation may take longer time. You should do performance test for this case.

Code Sample

// Make the scrollView snap to child li element
var scroll = new Y.ScrollView(...).plug(Y.zui.ScrollSnapper);

// Or, snap to div
anotherScroll = Y.ScrollView(...).plug(Y.zui.ScrollSnapper, {selector: '> div'});

// Same interface with ScrollViewPaginator
scrollview.pages.set("index", 3);
scrollview.pages.scrollTo(3, 0.6, "ease-in");

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