Pure Change History

Pure Change History

0.6.2 (2017-01-05)

  • Added proper module API for node users [#619]


  • Added Button Groups to Pure [#621]
  • Reset style for horizontal dropdown separator [#620]

0.6.1 (2016-10-12)

  • Migrate to PostCSS for browser prefixes [#617]
  • Remove duplicate Firefox inner focus border [#457]
  • Fix grid inside table in IE 10/11 [#504]
  • Fix CSSLint issues [#609]
  • Upgraded grunt dependencies to 1.x [#609]

0.6.0 (2015-02-07)

  • Upgraded Normalize.css to 3.0.2.
  • Dropped IE7 support.
  • Refactored Menus.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.
  • Implemented flatter, low-specificity selectors, not attached to HTML elements, for easier customization.
  • Removed pure-menu-open class.
  • Added pure-menu-scrollable capability, to allow for scrollable menus when restricted by width or height.
  • Added pure-menu-allow-hover to reveal dropdowns on hover.
  • Removed various default styling properties, making menus a bit more bare-bones, a bit less opinionated, a bit easier to customize on top.
  • Broke Menu up into files for core, horizontal, dropdowns, scrollable, and skin, again for improved optimization and ease of customization: take only what you need.
  • Removed Paginator.
  • While not part of the Pure repo itself, the accompanying Pure website now features additional menu examples and an example script for enabling dropdowns and improved accessiblity.

0.5.0 (2014-05-27)


  • Added the .pure-img class name for make images scale with the viewport in fluid layouts.


  • [!] Removed .pure-g-r from core, in favor of a mobile-first responsive grid system. (#24, #267)

    To use the mobile-first grid system, you need to pull in pure.css, along with grids-responsive.css. We also have grids-responsive-old-ie.css that you can serve to IE < 9 users so that they can view a desktop-version of your website:

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://yui.yahooapis.com/pure/0.5.0-rc-1/pure-min.css">
      <!--[if lt IE 9]>
          <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://yui.yahooapis.com/pure/0.5.0-rc-1/grids-responsive-old-ie-min.css">
      <!--[if gt IE 8]><!-->
          <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://yui.yahooapis.com/pure/0.5.0-rc-1/grids-responsive-min.css">

    Find out more about the new grid system at http://purecss.io/grids/.


  • Switched cell padding in Tables from px to em units, and also increased the amount of padding to padding: 0.5em 1em.

0.4.2 (2014-02-13)

  • Added main to Pure’s bower.json file to allow easier integration with build processes and tooling. (#286 @stevenvachon)


  • Improved how <input type="color"> elements look in Chrome by fixing paddings. (#283 @jpetto)

  • Removed font-size rules from <input>, <legend>, and <fieldset> elements within .pure-form. Font sizes are now inherited from the application’s CSS file. (#265)

  • Invalid <input> elements within a Pure Form no longer explicitly set a border-width. (#295 @kwando)

0.4.1 (2014-02-06)


  • Elements that have Pure classnames which set a display declaration and use the hidden HTML attribute will now properly be hidden. With these changes, the following button will be hidden from view:

      <button class="pure-button" hidden>No showy</button>

    A new rule for the [hidden] selector has been added with the declaration: display: none !important;. This is a time where it’s appropriate for a project like Pure to use !important. (#177)


  • Removed all the occurrences of -ms-linear-gradient() from Buttons since it has never been in the final version of IE 10. (#200: @AurelioDeRosa)

  • <input> Buttons now have the same height as non-input buttons. font-family: inherit; has been added to the .pure-button selector to normalize the difference in height. (#221 @narcis-radu)

  • Buttons now have visually uniform default padding on all four sides. The left/right padding is 2x the top/bottom padding. (#191 @achalv)


  • Added vertical-align: top; to <textarea>s within .pure-form-aligned Forms to fix an alignment issue where its label was aligned to the middle. (#174 @rictorres, @ItsAsbreuk)

  • Added styling for <input> elements that don’t have a type attribute. (#261 @dougdavies)


  • Added all non-reduced fractions to Grids default 5ths- and 24ths-based units. There are now styles specified for .pure-u-1-24.pure-u-24-24. All 5ths- based units and reduced factions still remain; e.g., both .pure-u-12-24 and .pure-u-1-2 exist. (#144 @mike-engel)

  • Removed grids-units.css from src/, this file is now generated via a Grunt task. The units generation is done via the new rework-pure-grids Rework plugin, and it can be used to create any custom nth-based units for Pure’s Grids system.

  • Removed hard-coded height for horizontal menus. (#164)

0.4.0 (2014-02-06)

  • [!] Corrupted release build, use 0.4.1.

0.3.0 (2013-09-09)

  • [!] Pure now requires the Base module (which is Normalize.css) to be on the page. Pure has essentially always required the styles provided by Normalize.css via the Base module, and this now makes it a firm requirement. The pure-min.css and pure-nr-min.css rollup files already include the Base module.

    Note: When using a custom subset of Pure, be sure to include the Base module.

  • Added non-minified rollup files: pure.css and pure-nr.css. These files are created in addition to the minified rollups: pure-min.css and pure-nr-min.css. The minified rollups should be used in production. (#171 @omeid)


  • [!] Removed Normalize.css from checked-in src/. Bower is now used to programmatically import Normalize.css into bower_components/ if it’s not already installed. Normalize.css is still bundled with Pure, this change is a development-time change only. (#160)


  • Removed -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased rule from Buttons. Pure should not dictate sub-pixel font rendering, that should be left to the person’s browser settings and/or the developer. (#170 @dchest)


  • [!] Removed forms-core.css. This was a copy of Normalize.css’ form related styles. Now that Pure requires the Base module (Normalize.css) to be on the page, the Forms Core submodule is no longer needed. (#160)

  • Added :focus styles to [readonly] <input> elements. (#143)

  • Removed -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased rule from Forms input styles. Pure should not dictate sub-pixel font rendering, that should be left to the person’s browser settings and/or the developer. (#185 @dchest)


  • [!] Improved support for Grids across OS/browser combinations, and its ability to withstand the use of non-default fonts when set by either the person in their browser settings or by the developer using custom fonts.

    Grids now uses CSS3 Flexbox when possible to avoid the side-effects of setting a negative letter-spacing — the fallback for older browsers. Grids also now uses a specific font stack on .pure-g and .pure-g-r classes to ensure the greatest OS/browser compatibility when non-default fonts are being used. By default grid units will now have font-family: sans-serif; applied — this is the default font stack Pure’s Base module (Normalize.css) applies to the <body>.

    This is a breaking change if you are using any non-default fonts in your web project. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to make sure your custom font stacks apply to content within Pure Girds. Instead of applying your custom font to only the <body> element, apply it to the grid units as well:

      .pure-g [class *= "pure-u"],
      .pure-g-r [class *= "pure-u"] {
          /* Set you're content font stack here: */
          font-family: Georgia, Times, "Times New Roman", serif;

    Refer to the Grids Documentation for more details on using non-default fonts with Pure Grids. (#41, #162, #166, #189: @adapterik @dannyfritz, @pandeiro)

  • Fixed grid units from falling to a new line on IE 6 and IE 7. Grid units now have a separate *width value for these older versions of IE. This value is 0.005% less than the standard width value. This fix does not affect modern browsers because it uses the star hack. (#154)

  • Added a height: auto rule to images within a .pure-g-r so that their aspect ratios are maintained when the page is resized. (#172: @dchest)

0.2.1 (2013-07-17)


  • [!] Made [readonly] <input>s look visually different to [disabled] and regular <input>s. (#102: @jaseg)

  • Fixed copy/paste bug that mapped text inputs to .pure-form instead of .pure-group. The .pure-form-group input styles are now applied to all text-ish <input> elements. (#96)

  • Fixed .pure-input-rounded styles to now apply correctly. The change to use more specific selectors for text-ish inputs in v0.2.0 caused the .pure-input-rounded selector to not apply because it was less specific. This selector now has right specificity. (#109: @AurelioDeRosa)

  • Added display: block to <textarea>s in .pure-form-stacked <form>s to fix an alignment issue for subsequent elements. (#90: @AurelioDeRosa)

  • Removed the gray color from .pure-form label. This allows <label>s to inherit their foreground color. (#89: @AurelioDeRosa)


  • [!] Changed .pure-u-1 grid unit to now use width: 100% instead of display: block to achieve taking up the full width of its container. This makes it easier to override and align since it’s using display: inline-block like the other grid units. (#94)

  • Fixed width value typo in .pure-u-1-6, changed it from 16.656% to 16.666%. (#115: @chilts)

  • [!] Fixed broken styling of active paginator items by using Grids CSS rules to layout items horizontally; this makes sure the active item isn’t overlapped. (#127)


  • Removed white-space: nowrap from .pure-table thead. This fixes issues where tables inside of grids would break the grid. (#95: @AurelioDeRosa)

0.2.0 (2013-06-11)

  • [!] Fixed accessibility mistake by removing a:focus {outline: none;} rule from buttons-core.css.

  • [!] Improved :focus styles by applying the same rules that are used by :hover styles. When overriding Pure’s :hover styles, be sure to include :focus selectors as well.

  • Added improvements to developer workflow:

    • Added basic Tests using CSSLint via grunt test (#25)

    • Integrated Travis CI which runs grunt test on pushes to master and for pull requests.

    • Added grunt watch task which runs tests and build.

    • Added support to pure-site for serving pure locally during development. (#46, yahoo/pure-site#111)

  • Removed vendor prefixes for box-shadow, text-shadow, border-radius. All modern browsers support the non-prefixed versions of these properties. (#23)


  • [!] Replaced .pure-help-inline with .pure-form-message-inline. We still support the older classname but it is deprecated and will be going away in a future release. (#32: @dannytatom)

  • Added a new class called .pure-form-message. It works the same way as .pure-form-message-inline but is meant for block elements. (#32: @dannytatom)

  • Added focus styles for file, radio, and checkbox <input>s to improve accessibility. (#42: @codepb)

  • <textarea>s now have the same styling as <input>s. (#49: @rcbdev)

  • .pure-form input rules are now more specific by targetting only “texty” <inputs>. This prevents these styles from affecting “buttony” <input>s. (#54)


  • Elements with classnames before the responsive grid’s unit classnames now works correctly. Before units were targeted using the ^= (“starts with”) selector, which meant that if another classname preceded the unit classname, then the rule would not apply. (#44)
  • Added .pure-menu-separator classname that can be used to visually separate horizontal menu items. (#53: @codepb, @mseri)

  • Focused menus have an outline: none by default. Instead, menu-items that have been opened to display children (in a drop-down menu) get a slight background (#dedede) for accessibility. (#22)

0.1.0 (2013-05-24)

  • [!] Initial public release.

  • Upgraded Normalize.css to 1.1.2.

  • Integrated Bower into grunt import process.

  • Cleaned up manual test files, removing unnecessary CSS files and cruft.


  • Added border-radius: 2px to enhance the appearance the they are click-able.
  • Removed border-radius from vertical menus.

  • Replaced blue hover for menus with light grey (#eee)

  • Removed font-weight: bold from selected menu items.

0.0.2 (2013-05-16)

  • [!] Renamed to Pure.

  • [!] Renamed CSS classname prefix to pure.

  • Preview release (2).

0.0.1 (2013-05-14)

  • Preview release.

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