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I am a consumer–I play, watch, listen, eat, drink, read, absorb, use–I consume. Here, I’ve put together a list of products and services that I like and recommend.

My favorite retailer, by and large, is Amazon. There is where I buy everything from toilet paper and coconut oil to camera lenses and laptops. Shop at Amazon and support this site

Web Service Providers

  • Linode Reliable and cost-effective VPS hosting.
    Alternatives: Rackspace, Amazon S3, Heroku

  • Namecheap Simple, no-frills domain name registration.
    Alternatives: GoDaddy

  • SendGrid Email as a service, because you don’t want want to reinvent email deliverability.
    Alternatives: Mailgun

  • FreeDNS Free DNS hosting, freemium model.


  • Hired Get job offers from several companies at once!
    Participate in 1-week auctions and have your profile be seen by thousands of companies.

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