Animation Utility

Animation Utility

Provides the ability to animate style property changes. Advanced easing equations are provided for more interesting animated effects.

The following modules are available:

  • anim: Rollup of anim-base, anim-color, anim-curve, anim-easing, anim-scroll, and anim-xy.
  • anim-base: Adds animation functionality for number-based style properties.
  • anim-color: Adds the ability to animate colors.
  • anim-curve: Adds the ability to animate the position of an element using bezier control-points.
  • anim-easing: Contains easing equations for more advanced motion (e.g. “easeOut”, “backIn”, etc).
  • anim-scroll: Adds the ability to animate the scroll position of an element.

You may want to consider using the Transition module for number-based style properties, as it leverages native CSS Transitions when possible. The Animation Utility will move to using CSS Animation in a future release.

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