Event Infrastructure Change History

Event Infrastructure Change History


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


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  • No changes.


  • Added the spacebar key mapping to ensure correct ARIA and WCAG compliance. (#1642: @andrewnicols)


  • Reduced categories of certain noisy log events in the event module and added categories for those that were missing some. (#1605: @andrewnicols)

  • Fixed the event.returnValue is deprecated warning in chrome. (#1460: @zhiyelee)

  • Added support for W3C Pointer events in the tap event. This fixes an issue in IE11 where the type of pointer event objects was changed from ‘MSPointerDown’ to ‘pointerdown’ to comply with their proposed W3C standard.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Delegated focus and blur events now behave the same way other events do when a delegate sub from a container closer to the target calls e.stopPropagation(). Delegate subs from containers higher in the parent axis are not notified. #1145


  • Fixed: YUI no longer breaks the browser back/forward cache by attaching an unnecessary unload event handler. [Ryan Grove]

  • event-tap allows you to prevent default browser behavior on tap via e.preventDefault() #682

  • event-tap now has a sensitivity property that can be passed as an option. This allows you to customize when tap fires, based on the difference in px between a the corresponding start and end event. #631

  • event-tap has dual-listener support, and works properly on devices that support both mouse and touch input. #683

  • event-tap works more reliably on Android 4.0.x (Ice cream sandwich).


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Fixed nodelist.on() for rare custom module use cases.

    In certain rare custom module loading circumstances [#2533242, https://github.com/yui/yui3/pull/689] dom-core is attached after event-base, which resulted in the YDOM = Y.DOM module level reference being undefined [1].

    This would break things like nodelist.on() which used the reference under the hood.

    [1] Added in 3.7.3, as part of the Win8 isWindow() fix.

  • Fixed DOM event facade, when Y instance was set to emitFacade:true.

    With the Y instance’s emitFacade set to true, DOM event subscriptions would receive a Y.EventFacade instance instead of a Y.DOMEventFacade instance, and as a result target and currentTarget would be set to the Y instance, instead of a Y.Node instance.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • delegate() now silences events originating from disabled form controls in IE, like it does natively in other browsers. [#2532677]


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Changed onbeforeactivate feature test to account for Win 8 packaged Apps, which don’t allow inline JS code in innerHTML.



  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Changed event-synthetic, to support CustomEvent performance optimizations.

    Mainly the deprecation of CustomEvent subscribers and afters instance properties, which event-synthetic was referring to directly. The direct reference was replaced by a public API method call.

    See src/event-custom/HISTORY.md for more details about the deprecated properties.

  • event-tap was migrated from Gallery and it supports “fast-click” on touch devices.

  • Added try/catch around the internal window unload listener event-base adds, so that YUI works in Chrome Packaged Apps. They don’t support unload, but still have a window.onunload, so no real way to feature test without a try/catch anyway.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • event-simulate references to window replaced with Y.config.win [#2531223]
  • event-resize no longer throws an exception in IE [#2531310]
  • “avilable” and “contentready” handlers that throw exceptions no longer result in infinite polling [#2531375]
  • Added event-touch, event-flick, event-move, and event-valuechange to the event virtual rollup in accordance with the docs.
  • ‘key’ event does a better job parsing character filters. Uses e.which instead of e.keyCode or e.charCode.
  • node.delegate('focus', fn, '.not-focusable') now works. Properly supports delegation where the filter matches non-focusable parent nodes of the focused target. Same for blur. [#2531334] (event-focus)
  • node.delegate('focus', fn, filterThatMatchesNode); node.focus(); now works. [#2531734]


  • Calling Y.on(‘syntheticEvent’, callback) without a context/selector argument now defaults to window (or the global object) [Ticket #2530081]

  • event-resize, a.k.a. Y.on(‘windowresize’, …) migrated to synthetic event infrastructure. Now detachable, etc. Also properly throttles the resize event on newer Gecko engines. That browser sniff was old! [Ticket #2530805]


  • event-outside added for “outside” events.

  • Y.Event.define(name) adds name to DOM_EVENTS whitelist. Accepts event name string or array of string names.

  • event-hover properly pulls in required module event-mouseenter.

  • DOM event subscriptions are now removed and objects cleaned up after last subscription is detached; same for synthetic events.

  • key synthetic event migrated to official synth infrastructure; and now supports delegation.

  • key event spec param now supports letters and named keys. E.g.: 'enter+ctrl' == '13+ctrl', 'up:a' == 'up:65' and 'A' == '65+shift'.

  • Added experimental config YUI({ lazyEventFacade: true }) that triggers a mode for DOM EventFacades in IE8 to use getters to access event properties that involve any calculation, such as e.target and e.currentTarget; this should also improve performance.

  • mouseenter and mouseleave events now filter the native event rather than the generated DOMEventFacades for mouseover/mouseout. This results in fewer calls to Y.one (e.target, currentTarget, relatedTarget) as well, so should improve performance.

  • Added onceAfter() method to do a self-detaching after() subscription. [Ticket #2529464]

  • Y.on(type, callback, HTMLElement[], COMPAT) subscriptions to attach to multiple elements in one call now correctly use native DOM elements instead of Nodes for all subscriptions. [Ticket #2529807]

  • Plugged the leaked global GLOBAL_ENV. [Ticket #2530227]

  • Fixed synth architecture to properly resubscribe to synths that use processArgs if the target is not available at the time of subscription. [Ticket #2530293]


  • Added support for delegate({ click: fn, keyup: fn2 }, …) and delegate(['click', 'keyup'], fn, …).

  • Delegation containers are now potential matches for the filter.

  • Nested delegate matches will now have callback executed for all matching targets in bubbling order.

  • e.stopPropagation() in nested delegate matches now works as expected.

  • The raw DOM event is no longer double wrapped (i.e. was: e._event._event).

  • event-focus now uses XHTML-friendly feature test to fork for IE.

  • New event-hover module providing node.on('hover', in, out).

  • e.button/e.which normalization.

  • e.which normalized for key operations as well.

  • Split out IE-specific code into event-base-ie conditional module.


  • Added event and facade support for touch.

  • Synthetic event infrastructure rebuilt. Changes include:

    • Support for delegation.

    • Passing DOMEventFacade to notifier.fire(e) now recommended.

    • Fixed issue where firing the notifier from inside DOM event subs would result in duplicate synth sub execution if the same synth was subscribed multiple times on the same Node.

    • Synths can now be detached with node.purge(t|f, 'synthName').

    • Event.define(type, config, *force*) third arg added to override existing events. Only use this if you really know what you’re doing.

    • Changed allowDups to preventDups, true by default to mimic existing behavior elsewhere in the event system.

  • delegate() now defers to synthetic event def more intelligently.

  • Added support for passing filter function to delegate.

  • delegate() now executes callback for each filter match up the bubble path.

  • Added detach category support to delegate().

  • Migrate mouseenter, mouseleave, focus, and blur to Event.define.

  • focus and blur now guarantee execution order of subs matches bubble order when multiple delegates are created from different levels.

  • event-synthetic added to ‘event’ rollup module.


  • fired fireOnce() listeners are executed synchronously.


  • Removed deprecated delegate custom event. As of 3.1.0 use the delegate() method on a Node instance or Y instance.

  • Updated the event-focus submodule so that the specialized focus and blur events that enable the focus and blur events to bubble do not apply when adding focus and blur events to the window object.

  • Synthetic event creation API added.

  • delegate enhancements.

  • unload event fix.

  • Compatibility with Firefox’s untouchable anonymous div.


  • Added onreadystatechange fork in domready to handle the event in IE when YUI is hosted in an iframe.

  • Added mousewheel support.

  • Added Y.delegate() function that is a bit easier to use than Y.on('delegate', …).

  • Default scope of mouseenter and mouseleave events is the Node instance to which the listener is attached.

  • Default scope of delegated event listeners is the Node instance that matched the supplied CSS selector.

  • All special DOM event handlers (focus, blur, mousewheel, resize, delegate, etc.) are broken down into submodules. Core DOM event functionality is provided in event-base.js, and all of the functionality is rolled into event.js.

  • Additional Safari key remapping.

  • Special DOM events can now be routed through delegate().

  • Y.on() can target Node and NodeList references correctly.

  • Fixed onAvailable() lazy DOM listener detach handles.

  • When configured to return a detach handle, a single object is always returned. Previously requests that resolved to multiple listeners returned an array.


  • DOM event, custom event, and simulate event moved to separate modules.

  • Added an event for DOM event delegation. It only fires if the target or its descendants match a supplied selector.

    Y.on('delegate', fn, el, 'click', 'selector', …)

    The event facade sets the following properties:

    • target: the target of the event.
    • currentTarget: the element that the selector matched.
    • container: the bound element (the delegation container).
  • Added mouseenter/mouseleave events:

    • Y.on('mouseenter', fn, el, 'click', 'selector', …)
    • Y.on('mouseleave', fn, el, 'click', 'selector', …)
  • Added Y.on('windowresize', fn), which attempts to normalize when the event fires across all browsers (once at the end of the resize rather than continuously during the resize).

  • Fixed unsubscribeAll() return value.

  • Added ability to skip facade creation where performance is a concern.

  • Moved DOMReady core to yui-base.

  • Focus/blur abstraction works in Opera when the bound element is the target.

  • purgeElement only reads element guids, it does not create new ones for elements without one.

  • Event.attach() returns a single handle if the result from collection processing is a single item.


  • Fixed IE notification error when no arguments are supplied.

  • Added event-simulate.

  • getListeners() works when the element has no listeners defined.

  • Event.addListener() removed. Exists only in compat layer.

  • addListerer() triggers 2.x event behavior.

  • Removed extra undefined parameter passed to DOM event listeners.

  • Compat layer contains Event.on().

  • Event adapter support added to Y.on().

  • Added focus and blur event adaptors (support for propagation of these events.)

  • publish and subscribe support an object for the type, allowing for multiple events/subscriptions.

  • subscriber failures throw an error by default rather than log.

  • subscriber failures are not routed through Y.fail in order to improve the debug experience.

  • New facades created every fire().

  • before() method re-added to EventTarget, which delegates to Do.before() or subscribe().

  • EventTarget.after() will delegate to Do.after() if type is a function.

  • Added keylistener: Y.on('key', fn, element, 'down:13,65+ctrl+shift').

  • event:ready event deprecated in favor of domready.


  • Initial Release.

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