YUI Loader Change History

YUI Loader Change History


  • #1974: Fix metadata for loader


  • #1963: Setup Y.config.global to allow for YUI to work on CSP regulated sites and environments like Chrome extensions by providing the global in the user configuration.
  • #1959: Fixed an issue with m is null when found.configfn return false
  • #1954: Add new configuration option called defaultBase to minimize the amount of settings to define per group.
  • #1950: Incorporate pathogen encoding logic in a separate module under loader
  • #1938: Fixed Gallery build tag (@okuryu)


  • Fix a bug in 3.17.1 where there comboBase was no longer inherited from the default group. (#1837: @andrewnicols)


  • Fix a bug in 3.17 which caused certain YUI modules to be loaded with a group comboBase.


  • Add support for optional dependencies. These dependencies are conditionally loaded but each dependency is responsible for determining the result of the test, the opposite of condition. Example:
    modules: {
      foo: {
        test: function (Y) {
          return true;
      bar: {
        optionalRequires: ['foo']
  }).use('bar', ...);


  • regresion: expanding trigger with aliases. (#1768: @caridy)
  • Optimization of the Loader’s constructor by removing _populateCache() in in favor of an on-demand process to create internal module info based on the raw meta when the module is needed and called thru getModuleInfo(). (#1581: @caridy)
  • Removal of onCSS documentation, as it was never implemented. (#1743: @ezequiel)

  • Fixed an issue where a module’s lang packs were not being included before the module itself. (#1743: @ezequiel)

  • Fixed an issue where conditionally loading a module using before did not work. (#1743: @ezequiel)

  • Fixed an issue where a CSS module could not require a js module. (#1743: @ezequiel)


  • Optimization of the calculate method, which now utilizes a topological sort (a variation of a depth first search) to generate a valid dependency order. (#1606: @ezequiel)


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Removed the default build directories from Loader generated combo URL’s


  • No changes.


  • Fixed gallery update method for override group configs
  • Fixed #2533138, added a missing hasOwnProperty check in Loader.resolve to help harden the config processing


  • No changes.


  • No changes


  • No changes


  • 2532764 - fetchCSS in yui loader not working.
  • 2532773 - Duplicate CSS modules are being loaded


  • Rebuild with shifter for meta-data encoding issues


  • Loader changes for pr2 create infinite loop on server-side builds
  • Y.Intl.get(‘module’) is not requesting local resource files.


  • 2531640 Configuring the loader for modules that ship with only the root bundle.
  • 2532070 Loader may calculate incorrect css file paths for different skins
  • 2532076 Combo Loader broken in 3.5.0pr4
  • 2532089 Allow for cascading module requirements
  • 2532168 YUI config does not properly override skins
  • 2532173 loader docs specify incorrect maxlengthurl
  • 2532236 Performance problems on YUI().use on FF3.6 and IE8
  • 2532370 Loader loads language files for custom modules from YUI CDN
  • 2532385 loader.calculate({ignoreRegistered:true}) still pulls in dependencies from a previous run of loader….
  • 2532423 Skin override loads 2 stylesheets: sam and the custom one
  • 2532498 Loader does not always use of configFn
  • 2532268 Intl.get doesn’t load language modules for non-yui modules defined in a group with configFn


  • No changes.


The biggest change made was the use of the async flag on Y.Get requests. Loader will now use the Y.Loader.resolve() method under the hood to calculate all the dependencies that it is aware of, then build the URL’s to complete this request. It will then batch those into one Y.Get transation and fetch all of them asynchronously, then return to loader for post processing of the injected dependencies.

  • 2529521 Consider making the presence of YUI CSS detectable by the loader
  • 2530135 Add support for loading YUI modules in parallel in all browsers, since execution order is unimportan…
  • 2530177 [Pull Request] - Bug #2530111 If the condition block is defined w/o a test fn or UA check, assume i…
  • 2530343 Loader.sorted does not contain conditional modules
  • 2530565 Slider one-off skins not being loaded
  • 2530958 Loader.resolve not properly handling CSS modules
  • 2531319 The aliased modules are reported as missing
  • 2531324 Support regular expressions in the patterns configuration
  • 2531281 specify ID when injecting CSS via loader
  • 2530077 ‘force’ ignored for on-page modules unless ‘allowRollup’ is true
  • 2531150 Update Dynamic Loader example
  • 2531433 Improve the syntax for setting a skin in the YUI.use() statement
  • 2531451 Loading of lang modules doesn’t go through configFn in loader
  • 2531590 addModule does not update the global cache so dynamically added skins modules can get lost
  • 2531626 maxURLlength configuration on a per group basis
  • 2531637 Configurable ‘comboSep’ for groups
  • 2531646 “undefined” error
  • 2531697 Loading a CSS module without specifying ‘type=css’ will throw a syntax error
  • 2531587 Loader will not load custom modules if combine: true


  • No changes.


  • Added Alias support and flattened the module structure.
  • Alias support: When asking for: “dd” Loader actually asks for: “dd-ddm-base,dd-ddm,dd-ddm-drop,dd-drag,dd-proxy,dd-constrain,dd-drop,dd-scroll,dd-drop-plugin”
  • Better RLS support


  • ‘when’ config for conditional modules (before, after, or instead).


  • Conditional module support based on user agent detection or test function.
  • Added gallery css support
  • performance optimizations, cached yui metadata, shared instances, etc


  • Fixed ticket #2528771 : Loader has incorrect default for “base” - uses Y.Env, instead of Y.Env.base
  • Fixed ticket #2528784 : Regression requesting language packs using Y.use(“lang/datatype-date_xx”, fn) in build yui3-2029


  • Added a ‘patterns’ property. Modules that are not predefined will be created with the default values if it matches one of the patterns defined for the instance.
  • Added module groups. This allows for specifying the base path and the combo properties for a group of modules. The combo support now allows for multiple combo domains.
  • Handles simultaneous bootstrapping and loading better.
  • Added support for dynamically loading language packs along with modules that have them.
  • Intrinsic support for loading yui3-gallery modules.
  • Intrinsic support for loading yui2 modules via the 2in3 project.
  • Submodule breakdown to allow use of loader without all of the YUI3 metadata.
  • Metadata is managed per component instead of centrally.
  • Extremely long combo urls are split into multiple requests.
  • Loader defends itself against metadata that creates circular dependencies.


  • Extracted from the YUI seed. Now fetched dynamically if there are missing dependencies if not included.
  • Reads metadata from on-page modules registered via Y.add if the module is not already known.
  • Many new modules, many modules reorganized, dependency information has been tuned.

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