Widget Buttons Change History

Widget Buttons Change History


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  • Moved implementation code from the Constructor to the initializer to account for Base order of operation changes in this release.

    This is one of the older extensions which needed to be upgraded after initializer support was added for extensions.

    This has no end user impact.


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  • Fixed bug with a widget’s defaultButton changing by binding to the defaultButtonChange event in WidgetButtons’ initializer().


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  • Fixed issue with addButton() receiving an index argument which was too large or negative, both of which are okay because this value is passed to the Array splice() method. The index property on the buttonsChange event facade is now always the actual index at which the new button exists. [Ticket #253219]

  • Fixed issue with properly handling Y.Node instances from other YUI sandboxes. [Ticket #2532207]


  • [!] WidgetButtons has been completely rewritten, back-compat for common usage has been maintained. The new version is much more robust. [Tickets #2531366, #2531624, #2531043]

  • [!] The buttons attribute is handled in an extremely flexible manner. It supports being a single Array, or an Object of Arrays keyed to a particular section.

    The buttons collection will be normalized into an Object which contains an Array of Y.Nodes for every WidgetStdMod section (header, body, footer) which has one or more buttons. The structure will end up looking like this:

        header: [...],
        footer: [...]

    A button can be specified as a Y.Node, config Object, or String name for a predefined button on the BUTTONS prototype property. When a config Object is provided, it will be merged with any defaults provided by a button with the same name defined on the BUTTONS property. [Ticket #2531365]

  • [!] All button nodes have the Y.Plugin.Button plugin applied.

  • [!] The HTML structure for buttons has been optimized to:

    <span class="yui3-widget-butons>
        <button class="yui3-button">Foo</button>

    The above structure will appear in each WidgetStdMod section (header/body/footer) which contains buttons. [Ticket #2531367]

  • Fixed issue with multiplying subscriptions to buttonsChange event. The event handler was itself subscripting again to the event causing an ever-increasing number of subscriptions all doing the same work. Now WidgetButtons will always clean up its event subscriptions. [Ticket #2531449]

  • Added support for predefining BUTTONS on the prototype. BUTTONS is Collection of predefined buttons mapped by name -> config. These button configurations will serve as defaults for any button added to a widget’s buttons which have the same name. [Ticket #2531680]

  • Added an HTML_PARSER implementation for the buttons attribute. This allows the initial value for a widget’s buttons to be seeded from its DOM.

  • A widget’s buttons now persist after header/body/footer content updates. Option 2 of the follow scenario has been implemented: http://jsfiddle.net/ericf/EXR52/

  • A button can be configured with a context object (which defaults to the widget instance), which will be used as the this object when calling a button’s action or events handlers. [Ticket #2531166]

  • Buttons now support multiple events which can be specified in place of an action. The follow are equivalent:

    var buttonConfigWithEvents = {
        label: 'Foo',
        events: {
            click: function (e) {
    var buttonConfigWithAction = {
        label : 'Foo',
        action: 'hide'

    A button’s action can now be specified as the String name of a function which is hosted on the context object. [Ticket #2531363]

  • Added the notion of a default button. A widget’s defaultButton will have the “yui3-button-primary” CSS class added to it, and will be focused when the widget is shown.

  • Updated the addButton() method and added other accessor/mutator methods: getButton() and removeButton().

  • Buttons can now be added to a widget’s body, not just the header and footer.


  • Added support for classNames property for button configurations which will add the CSS class names to the button Node. The default “close” button uses this, adding a yui3-button-close CSS class to itself. [Ticket #2531091]

  • Fixed the default template for the “close” button to not contain malformed HTML by replacing the <div> element inside of a <span> with a <span>. The in-lined CSS in the style attribute on the button was moved into an external CSS file which provides the basic styling for the default “close” button for both the Sam and Night skins. The CSS class yui3-widget-buttons is now applied to the boundingBox of Widgets which use WidgetButtons. [Ticket #2530952]

  • Fixed a bug where instance-level properties were not being initialized causing references to bubble-up the chain to the prototype incorrectly. [Ticket #2530998]


  • Initial release.

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