YUI Core Change History

YUI Core Change History


  • No changes.


  • #1963: Setup Y.config.global only if no user global was provided
  • #1935: Mark all Android devices as “mobile”. (@nolanlawson)


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Y.Lang.sub() now supports nested object paths in placeholders, such as “{foo.bar.baz}”. (#1814: @customcommander)


  • Allow arbitrary categories for logging, fixes logging issues with YUI Test. (#1746)


  • Added Y.require() for importing ES6 modules. It’s similar to Y.use() but it follow the following signature:
YUI().require('some-es6-module', function (Y, imports) {
  var foo = imports['some-es6-module'].foo;
  • Set default logLevel to info if missing or not a real category. (#1610: @andrewnicols)
  • Fixed value of this inside ES6 module definitions.

  • Fixed UA detection in recent versions of the Amazon Silk browser. (#1576: @adinardi)


  • No changes.


  • Added support to the YUI module system to work with modules written as ECMAScript Modules which are transpiled to YUI modules. (#1407)

    Modules are being added to ES6, but need to be transpiled into code that can run in today’s JavaScript environments. This changes makes it possible for YUI modules to work as ES6 Module transpile target.

    An es flag on a YUI module’s details signals to the YUI module system and Loader that the module was transpiled from a ES6 module; this allows YUI to conform to the module body’s expectations around imports and exports.

    When the es flag is set to a truthy value, the module body function will receive two additional arguments: imports and exports, giving it the signature: function (Y, NAME, __imports__, __exports__) {...}. Also, the module body’s return value becomes significant and is used and stored as the module’s exports.


  • Added Y.Lang.isRegExp() method.


  • No changes.


  • Y.Array.dedupe() is now slightly faster in ES5-compliant browsers. [Ezequiel Rodriguez]

  • Brought Y.Lang.trim(), trimLeft(), and trimRight() into compliance with ES5, and added feature tests to ensure that native implementations are only used if they work properly. [Ezequiel Rodriguez]

  • Y.Object.keys() now falls back to the non-native shim for Android 2.3.x because the native version incorrectly enumerates the prototype property.

  • Y.UA now correctly identifies IE 11. [Ryan Grove]

  • Y.UA now identifies Opera 15+ as both Opera and WebKit. Previously it was identified as Chrome, since it uses the same Blink rendering engine as Chrome. [Ryan Grove]

  • Removed all instances of path.existsSync() from YUI core, as part of node.js target environments being brought up to v0.8. [Clarence Leung]


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Add ability to filter log messages by threshold [andrewnicols]


  • No changes.


  • Setup YUI.setLoadHook and its docs (used for Node.js injection)


  • Fixed issue with cssstamp element not being assigned if YUI is loaded twice on the page.


  • Added Y.config.global as an alias to the global scope


  • Adding Y.UA.touchEnabled boolean to use in conditional modules
  • 2532797 - Added IE10 ua fixing for Windows8 WinJS
  • 2532675 - Remove the second air property


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Improved the performance of Y.merge() by 10 to 40% (depending on the browser). [Ryan Grove]


  • Changed the default throwFail behavior to act like it sounds, see ticket #2531679 If throwFail is true (default) we will not wrap modules or the use callback in a try catch. If it’s false, they will be wrapped (the old behavior).

  • 2528334 YUI configuration to delay use() callback until domready or window load
  • 2529742 Y[UI()].use() callback’s 2nd parameter: 2 issues
  • 2531647 div is appended precedent to <head> node
  • 2531679 Module/use callback load errors do not provide useful stacktrace
  • 2532215 Y.Parallel should push arguments if fn is not specified
  • 2532344 Missing requirements sometimes return in wrong order
  • 2532397 Automate Testing for OOP examples


  • Added a Y.UA.compareVersions() function for performing simple version number comparisons using version-safe logic rather than numerical logic.


  • YUI now runs natively on Node.js without a shim. See README.nodejs.md for details.

  • YUI now detects non-native ES5 shims added to native objects by other libraries and falls back to its own internal shims rather than relying on the potentially broken code from the other library.

  • Added static YUI.applyConfig to apply config settings to YUI.GlobalConfig in parts instead of in whole. [Ticket #2530970]

  • Added Y.getLocation() which returns the location object from the window/frame in which a YUI instance operates. [Ticket #2531608]

  • Added a useNativeES5 YUI config option, which is true by default. If false, certain YUI features that check for native ES5 functionality will always fall back to non-native implementations even in ES5 browsers (useful for testing).

  • Y.Array.indexOf() now supports a fromIndex argument for full ES5 compatibility. [Based on a patch from Ryuichi Okumura]

  • Y.Object.isEmpty() now casts the given value to an object if it isn’t one already, which prevents exceptions when it’s given a non-object.

  • Fixed issue #2531247: Namespace function behaves wrong with multiple arguments.

  • Fixed issue #2531512: ‘debug’ parameter missing from the YUI Config object documentation.

  • 2530970 Should we provide a YUI.applyConfig(), to avoid clobbering of YUI_config in ‘mashup’ use cases
  • 2531164 Natively use YUI Gallery Modules form does not submit on [enter]
  • 2531247 namespace function behaves wrong with multiple arguments
  • 2531512 ‘debug’ parameter missing from the YUI Config object documentation; the Config object documentation …
  • 2531550 Prepare npm package for 3.5.0
  • 2531551 Add support for Silk in Y.UA
  • 2531612 Wrong module name in YUI Global Object documentation


  • Sparse arrays are now handled correctly in the non-native fallback implementation of Y.Array.indexOf(). [Ticket #2530966]

  • Y.mix() will no longer shadow prototype properties on the receiver unless the overwrite parameter is true. This was the pre-3.4.0 behavior, but was changed in 3.4.0. We’re changing it back to preserve backwards compatibility. [Ticket #2530501]

  • The non-native fallback implementation of Y.Object.keys() now contains a workaround for buggy browsers that treat function prototype properties as enumerable in violation of the ES5 spec.

  • Y.Object.size() now returns 0 for non-objects. This was the pre-3.4.0 behavior, but regressed in 3.4.0. [Ticket #2531069]


  • Added Y.Array.dedupe(), which provides an optimized solution for deduping arrays of strings. When you know an array contains only strings, use dedupe, since it’s faster than unique.

  • Y.Lang.isArray() now uses the native ES5 Array.isArray() method when possible.

  • Y.Object() now uses the native ES5 Object.create() method when possible.

  • Y.Object.keys() now uses the native ES5 Object.keys() method when possible.

  • Sparse arrays are now handled correctly in the non-native fallback implementations of Y.Array.each, Y.Array.hash, and Y.Array.some. [Ticket #2530376]


  • Added fast path for repeat calls to use() with the same arguments.

  • Added a Y.destroy() method, which destroys the YUI instance.

  • Added Y.Lang.now(), which returns the current time in milliseconds.

  • Added YUI.GlobalConfig to allow three stages of configuration (YUI.GlobalConfig –> YUI_Config –> instance configs). This is helpful in non-browser environments for supplying a global config for the YUI container.


  • Added Y.Lang.sub(), which is a very lightweight version of Y.substitute().

  • Y.Array.hash() no longer skips falsy values.

  • Script errors in module and use() callback functions are caught and routed through Y.error.

  • Y.error invokations can be monitored with the errorFn configuration.

  • Returning true from the errorFn will prevent the script error from halting further script execution.

  • Added UA properties for mobile devices and ensured that UA is only evaluated once.

  • The YUI global will overwrite itself when included again, while attempting to preserve the global environment of previous instances.

  • Added a remote loader service submodule.

  • Added a features submodule. This is used by the capability-based loader when dispatching to a remote loader service.


  • Removed the limit on the number of config objects you can supply to the YUI constructor.


  • YUI will attempt to fetch newly discovered dependencies after a module is dynamically loaded.

  • The documentElement (<html>) is now stamped with a yui3-js-enabled classname to indicate that JS is enabled. This allows for the creation of JS-aware CSS style rules that progressively enhance the page.

  • Added the ability to define a global configuration object (YUI_config).

  • Added Y.Object.some() and Y.some(), which are analogous to Y.Array.some().

  • UA refinements for Chrome, Android and other browsers/platforms.

  • Added last() to Queue for LIFO support.

  • Added throttle utility to buffer expensive functions that are called frequently.

  • The YUI.add() callback now gets the module name as the second parameter for generic processing of similar modules.

  • Added intl-base submodule to process the decision tree for selecting language packs when dynamically loading internationalized modules.

  • Y.guid() generates identifiers that are safe to use as HTML attributes.

  • Improved persistent messaging for missing modules/functionality.

  • Bootstrapping improved to prevent simultaneous loading of resources when multiple instances are launched at the same moment.

  • The YUI script source URL is read in order to try to dynamically determine the base path for loading resources on demand.

  • The core loads without errors in non-browser environments.


  • Extracted the loader from the seed file. If loader is not available, but get is and dependencies are missing, the loader will be fetched before continuing.

  • User agent detection is more granular. For example, Firefox 3.5 reports Gecko 1.91 rather than 1.9.

  • Fixed Y.UA.os.

  • Added additional mobile device detection.

  • Get utility cleans up attribues before purging nodes.

  • Y.cached accepts a parameter to refresh a cached value.

  • yui-log and yui-later are now optional modules that are included with yui.js.

  • queue-base is no longer a submodule of queue – it’s now part of yui-base.

  • All YUI submodules end up in the yui build directory.

  • Dynamic loading can be disabled by setting the bootstrap config to false.

3.0.0 beta 1


  • Y.fail has been renamed to Y.error so that Y.fail can be used for the assertion engine.

  • Y.stamp now accepts a readOnly parameter to be used when you are only interested in reading an existing guid rather than creating a new one.

  • Y.stamp defends against stamping items that can’t be stamped.

  • Added to Y.Object: values(), hasKey(), hasValue(), size(), getValue(), setValue() (the latter two are for manipulating nested values).

  • Y.use calls are queued during dynamic loading.

  • Added Y.cached for function memoizing

  • Added numericSort to Y.Array.

  • The yui:log event broadcasts globally.


  • Added Y.Lang.type (typeof abstraction) and refactored some ‘is’ methods to use it.


  • Accepts an attribute collection config to apply to inserted nodes.

  • id attributes are globally unique

  • Now accepts purgethreshold as a config option. This will set the number of transactions required before auto removing nodes from previous transactions (default is 20).


  • yuitest renamed to test, now requires collection.

  • Lots of new module metadata.

  • Added onCSS.

  • Loader requests are queued globally.

  • Accepts jsAttributes and cssAttributes configs for adding attributes to inserted nodes

  • Added force config.


  • Added secure property for SSL detection.

  • Added os property for OS detection.

  • Added Adobe Air and Google Caja detection.



  • The initial dependency calculation should not allow automatic rollup.

  • Y.fail will throw/rethrow errors by default (throwFail is now true).

  • Y.namespace reverted to scrub YAHOO out if included as the first level of the namespace.

  • useConsole config changed to useBrowserConsole.


  • Added Y.Array.some().


  • Protects against trailing commas in the array of files to load.


  • get requires yui-base.

  • loader requires get.

  • Combo URL build process defends against undefined modules.

  • Added combo handler support for CSS.

  • Filters are correctly applied to combo and fullpath URLs.

  • Added compat, profiler, yuitest, widget, stylesheet, classnamemanager, overlay, plugin, slider, and console modules.

  • Added io submodules.

  • queue requires event.

  • Added submodule metadata logic.

  • Added plugin metadata logic.

  • Added skin metadata logic.


  • Initial release.

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