Defines a View class extension and base class of Y.DataTable.BaseCellPoupEditor that is setup to create a Y.Overlay component and position it over the edited TD Node. The content of the Overlay is set of familiar HTML INPUT elements within a container. The creation of content within the Overlay is handled via the Y.Template module, which in this module implements the Y.Template.Micro module as the default template engine.

By configuring the many attributes of this View class and/or attaching to View events implementers can achieve a wide variety of UI appearances.

Additionally, implementers can configure other visual widgets and/or components and attach them to the View instance (i.e. the Y.DataTable.EditorOptions.calendar View definitions include a view container with both an INPUT[type=text] element and a Y.Calendar widget component within the same View.

A pre-built set of View configuration settings is provided and attached to the new Y.DataTable.EditorOptions object that provides for the following popup-editors;

  • text
  • textarea
  • number (a textbox with numeric validation)
  • date (a textbox with Date validation)
  • calendar (includes a Y.Calendar popup widget)
  • checkbox
  • radio group
  • select (aka dropdown or combobox)
  • autocomplete

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