Change History : gallery-datatable-celleditor-popup

Change History : gallery-datatable-celleditor-popup


  • Renamed _onKeyPress/Down to processKeyPress/Down to allow users to override key handling
  • Added new ATTR saveKeyRTN (boolean/default false) that when false will not detect key RTN as meaning to “saveEditor”
  • Defined saveKeyRTN:true by default on “textarea”


  • modified the published event structure (per advice of Satyam via issues he raised … Thank you!)
  • added events editorSave and editorCancel as preventable events (still untested)
  • streamlined the keyboard filtering and validation coding
  • converted messy “inputCollection” HTML definition to streamlined Y.Template usage (default Y.Template.Micro) for HTML generation within the Overlay
  • proposed for initial CDN push to YUI Gallery


  • initial module creation / push to gh
  • defines Y.DataTable.BaseCellPopupEditor class as generic inline view class
  • initial implementation of keyboard filtering (via ATTR keyFiltering) and saving validation via ATTR validator
  • setup several pre-built basic configurations for;
  • text
  • textarea
  • number (a textbox with key filtering and validation for numeric input only)
  • date (a textbox with key filtering and validation for Date input only)
  • calendar (includes an INPUT[type=textbox] and a Y.Calendar widget within the view)
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • select / dropdown / combobox
  • autocomplete

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