Change History : gallery-datatable-editable

Change History : gallery-datatable-editable


  • Fixed bug in _updateEditableColumnCSS that was showing CSS on columns not editable
  • Changed editOpenType and defaultEditor valueFn and setters, allow null also
  • Added new method getCellEditor(col) to return a cell editor View instance for the given column


  • incorporated changes to the View listeners, now we listen as .on('celleditor:editorSave',...) etc …
  • added support for scrollable DT’s, listening to both X and Y scrollbar actions and repositioning the ‘xy’ of the open celleditor
  • changed to valueFn and setters for many of the ATTRS
  • proposed for initial CDN push to YUI Gallery


  • initial module creation / push to gh
  • supports new ATTRS editable, editorConfig, editOpenType and defaultEditor
  • reads new Column config properties as editor, editable, editorConfig
  • sets listeners for editor invocation and change listeners on the celleditor View events
  • serves as the “Controller” for View event changes to the Model of the DT data
  • added basic support for “keyDirChange” events from Views, to allow keyboard navigation from TD to another

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