Change History : gallery-datatable-paginator

Change History : gallery-datatable-paginator


  • Addressed an issue related to “sorting” irregularities (see
  • This issue manifested itself by remote sorted data coming back and being resorted again by the DT
  • Resolved this by overriding the _afterSortByChange event to remove the ModelList comparator and sort functions


  • Created an example page and published on the YUI Gallery page,
  • Added unit test coverage to tests/ (problem due to “view” not available)
  • Fixed yogi build problems for this CDN push


  • Major update to datatable-paginator module;
  • Added “paginationSource” ATTR to set either “client” or “server”
  • Modified the “processPageRequest” method to add over-rideable methods “paginatorMLRequest” and “paginatorDSRequest”
  • Added “client-side” sorting capability
  • Added listeners to DT “sort” event to fire page requests
  • New update allows for loading initial data payload remotely, then doing “client-side” pagination
  • Updated to yogi build system
  • Had a bug in the meta/ setup where requires didn’t get added, so build “failed”


  • Original creation and push

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