YUI3 Date Picker - A calendar popup for date input form elements


<script src=""></script>
YUI({gallery: "gallery-2013.03.06-21-07"}).use("datepicker", function (Y) {
    new Y.DatePicker({input: "#date"});


  • input (String Node): The date input field to transform. Required.
  • btnContent (String): HTML to place inside the generated calendar launcher button.

  • date (Date): The default selected date. If not provided, the calendar uses whatever is initially in the input’s value.

  • minimumDate (Date): limit all dates to be greater than or equal to this date.

  • maximumDate (Date): limit all dates to be less than or equal to this date.

  • showTime (Boolean): Shows the time portion of the date. in the input field. The date can be picked in the calendar popup, and the time can be edited in the input box.


  • getDate(): Returns the parsed Date objected represented by whatever is in the input box. Returns null if it doesn’t parse.

  • setMinimumDate(date): Sets the minimum selectable date.

  • setMaximumDate(date): Sets the maximum selectable date.


This class extends YUI3 with a date picker widget, that is able to take an existing form input field and generate a button next to it that launches a calendar popup to select a date. The format of the date is YYYY-MM-DD[ HH:MM::SS]. It is intended to be easy to drop in on a form element without too much extra work.

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