MSA-Checkbox is a YUI 3 port of Ratchet 2.0’s Toggle.

Some minor modifications were done. In stead of On/Off, we use I/O to not be bothered with international aspects.

There is a default skin, which is based on the project I created this for, and an ios and android skin.

For optimization purposes, I chose to use a page based delegate that operates on the nodelist.


Y.use('msa-checkbox', function(A){
	new A.MSA.Checkbox({srcNodes:Y.all('.msa-checkbox')});

<input type="checkbox" name="test" class="msa-checkbox">

Using a skin

Define a skin override in your YUI configuration. The skins are:

* ios
* android

Add yui3-skin-ios or yui3-skin-android to the body or surrounding div container

Current limitations

  • This doesn’t work in IE8
  • Since Ratchet is strongly based on CSS and Ratchet uses some fixed widths where it shouldn’t we currently don’t support multilingual versions. We hope we can in the near future.

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