SmugMug TreeView History

SmugMug TreeView History


  • Nodes are no longer automatically focused when selected in single-select mode.

  • When the last child is removed from a parent node, the parent node’s child list element is now removed from the DOM.

  • The gallery-sm-treeview-templates module has been merged into gallery-sm-treeview, since it had no benefit as a standalone module.

  • Added the gallery-sm-treeview-sortable module, which provides Y.TreeView.Sortable, a Y.TreeView extension that wraps Y.Tree.Sortable and re-renders TreeView nodes when they’re re-sorted.

  • Fixed: Clicks and double-clicks no longer trigger actions when a button other than the primary button is used (generally the left button on a mouse).

  • Fixed: Adding lots of children to a parent node that had already been rendered resulted in the parent being re-rendered once for each added child. Parent re-render operations are now batched asynchronously, so a parent won’t be re-rendered more than once every 15ms regardless of how many children are added.


  • Y.TreeView now mixes in Y.Tree.Labelable, which it should have been doing already. Oops.


  • Now using Y.Tree from YUI core, which means TreeView requires YUI 3.9.0+.

  • TreeView templates can now be more easilly overridden by passing a config.templates object to the constructor. Read the source for spicy details.


  • Fixed: clear() didn’t re-render the tree after clearing it.


  • TreeView now mixes in the new Tree.Openable extension.

  • Fixed: Re-rendering a node with an undefined canHaveChildren property resulted in the “canHaveChildren” classname being applied when it shouldn’t have been.

  • Fixed: Parent node’s DOM state wasn’t updated correctly when a child was added or removed after the parent was rendered.


  • Initial gallery release.

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