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Y.soon is YUI’s method for scheduling an asynchronous operation that runs as soon as possible. In environments where it’s supported, soon is a wrapper on top of setImmediate. Where it’s not supported, it falls back to setTimeout(fn, 0).

This module extends soon’s behavior to make use of faster scheduling options provided by browsers. These methods are not designed for scheduling a task and so their behavior may change as standards evolve.

gallery-soon specifically uses under the hood:

  • MutationObserver. A method for observing changes in DOM nodes.
  • postMessage. A cross-frame messaging mechanism.
  • MessageChannel. A friendly version of postMessage that doesn’t pollute a global event.

Using this module

To use this module, look up the corresponding YUI Gallery build tag and include gallery-soon in your YUI().use() statement:

    gallery: '{gallery-tag}'
}).use('gallery-soon', 'promise', function (Y) {
    // promises are sped up!


Alternatively, if you’re self-hosting this module you can use YUI’s configuration to make it load gallery-soon automatically every time you request the timers module:

    modules: {
        'gallery-soon': {
            path: '...',
            condition: {
                trigger: 'timers'
}).use('timers', function (Y) {
    // ...

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