gallerycss-cssextras Change Log

gallerycss-cssextras Change Log

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  • Made it available through Bower: bower install pure-extras
  • (!) Rename all prefixes to use pure-* from yui3-*


Lots of changes in this revision as I make CSSExtras play nice with other CSS modules, especially CSSTypography. The changes have been grouped into different sections.


  • Remove code and pre styles. Pull in gallerycss-csstypography if you need these.
  • Remove text-shadows and drop-shadows across the board.
  • Colors have been tweaked to work well with each other. For example, .yui3-badge-success uses the same color as .yui3-alert-success.


  • Change yui3-alert styles. They adopt a flatter look now.
  • Remove white-space: no-wrap.
  • Add a default yui3-alert.
  • Remove yui3-alert-info and replace with yui3-alert-warning.
  • Add yui3-alert-success.


  • Badges have a flatter look too.
  • yui3-badge-important renamed to yui3-badge-error for semantic consistency with other code.
  • Color changed for yui3-badge-info.


  • Layout has been changed under the hood. It is assumed that thumbnails will be used within a grid unit that specifies it’s width.
  • All thumbnail items should have a .yui3-thumb classname. The thumbnail image rules are specified off this class name. Thumbnails can optionally have yui3-thumb-rounded, .yui3-thumb-eliptical, .yui3-thumb-bordered. Check the examples for more information.


  • Add more button styles (yay!) (.yui3-button-selected, .yui3-button-success, .yui3-button-secondary, .yui3-button-warning, .yui3-button-error)


  • Initial Release

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